Free delivery from 6 months and up
The longer you rent, the more you save
No hidden costs
Free delivery from 6 months and up
The longer you rent, the more you save
No hidden costs

About us

Since 2016, Expat Furniture Holland has been the trusted partner when it comes to furniture rental for expats. By leasing out furniture, we ensure that it gets reused at a nice destination by another expat family.

From sustainable to circular

Expat Furniture Holland aims to find a circular destination for 80 percent of the furniture within 5 years. This is already the case for most of the furniture we produce ourselves. For the other products, we are looking for a solution that suits a circular way of working as quickly as possible. You can contribute by renting furniture from us.

Handmade furniture

Handmade and yet budget-friendly. That is the way Expat Furniture Holland works. We produce most of the furniture in our own workshop so we can guarantee the quality and therefore the lifespan of the furniture. With carefully chosen, sustainable materials, we ensure that the furniture has a contemporary appearance and a very durable design.

Personalized furniture

Expat Furniture Holland believes it is important that expats and there family get a “welcome home feeling” when they go to live somewhere for work reasons. We have therefore chosen, for example, to decorate the wardrobes with typical Dutch images. In many cases it is possible to have the hometown of your city reflected in the furniture.

Service areas

Expat Furniture Holland’s rental service is available in the entire Netherlands. From furniture rental in Utrecht up untill Amsterdam and from Maastricht towards Groningen. Every expat family gets serviced like our company suggests, the Netherlands. 

What others say about us

Our family is very happy with the furniture from Expat Furniture Holland. The children also love the wardrobes with beautiful Dutch images.

When we came from Australia to the Netherlands we had to wait a few more months for our furniture to arrive. Expat Furniture Holland has helped us bridge this period with its excellent furniture rental service.

In one word, great! Friendly staff, durable furniture and within budget. I recommend Expat Furniture Holland to everyone when it comes to renting furniture.

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