Free delivery from 6 months and up
The longer you rent, the more you save
No hidden costs
Free delivery from 6 months and up
The longer you rent, the more you save
No hidden costs


Making furniture rental possible for expats. That is the concept of Expat Furniture Holland. Delivery, pick-up, assembly and maintenance are all included in our pricing, so that you can focus on your job in the Netherlands together with your family. The longer you lease furniture from us, the lower the price per month.

With Expat Furniture Holland, it is easy for expats to rent furniture. And when you lease you contribute to a better environment. At the end of your rental period, we ensure that the furniture is reused for the next expat family. Of course, all the furniture is thoroughly cleaned, refurbished and checked for possible damage upon receipt. Therefore, the furniture you rent is always in very good condition.

In addition to being sustainable, our furniture is also contemporary and personalized. For example, your wardrobe will be decorated with a beautiful Dutch scene, which will give your living space a stylish touch and a welcome home feeling straight away.

Would you like to know more or do you have any questions about furniture rental for expats? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

How does it work?

Step 1

Select the period in which you want to rent furniture. A discount percentage is calculated based on the duration of your stay. The longer you rent, the cheaper it becomes.

Step 2

You can select the furniture as desired by going through the ordering process.

Step 3

You make the payment of the first month furniture rental including a deposit and we will send you a confirmation.

Step 4

Your order will be delivered at the agreed date and picked up on the desired date.

Start furnishing your home